Manage Your Real Estate Portfolio from Hawaii !!

When you think of management, you probably think of a supervisor holding a cup of coffee walking through an office making sure no one is surfing the internet. But management is so much broader than that. Effective management is simply the process of making sure something runs the way it is supposed to run. And in real estate, if you are good at managing a property the way it is supposed to be managed, you will create value.

The only kind of real estate that provides residual income is Buy-Rent-Hold property. Buy-Rent-Hold property creates a monthly cash flow while the tenants also pay down the principal owing on your mortgage, increasing your equity. This all happens whether you are at your home or on vacation in Hawaii. Pretty nice…

Buying an investment property is the same as buying a business. If you bought a business and managed it poorly, you intuitively understand that the business would not survive. Real estate investment is no different

Just a Few Things You'll Learn by Taking this Training...

  • The Best Ways to Maximize your NOI and ROI on your Properties
  • How to Manage your Property Managers more Effectively
  • What the Key Indicators are that you NEED to Keep Your Eye On
  • How to Run Your Investments Like a Business

Benefits of the Tenant Management Systems Training...

Book & Bookmark (TMS #1)

Get the +50 Page Best For Me Home Manual

You’ll receive the +50 page Best For Me Home Manual that establishes the future relationship between you and your Tenant.  Think of this as your 50 page Lease Agreement!

Magnifying Glass (TMS #4)

Effectively Manage Your Property Managers

Learn what you need to know when you hire a management company and what they should and should not be doing.

Clipboard (TMS #2)

Build Yourself a Complete Management System

Learn how to build your Complete Management System and have it in place to run ALL your Properties.

Prize Ribbon (TMS #5)

Attracting, Screening & Selecting the BEST Tenants

Does it seem like you consistently end up with Bad Tenants?  Learn the Secrets to Attracting, Screening and Selecting the BEST Tenants for your Properties.

Calendar (TMS #3)

Shorten Your Vacancy Cycle  &  Have Better Tenant Retention

Learn how to keep your Good and Great Tenants Longer and How they’ll help you attract people just like them to your properties.

Chart Increasing (TMS #6)

Increase Your Property Value

Learn what you can do to Maximize your NOI on your Properties, which Increases the Price and Value of your Property.

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** What You Get **
  • EVERYTHING you need to Get Started TODAY!
  • Lifetime Support & Access to the most up to date Forms & Paperwork! (Yes, this means we keep these forms updated & current!)
  • 2 Tickets (You and a Guest) to attend the upcoming LIVE training! Meet the instructor and ask your personal questions!
  • No Risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Details Below!
  • You're getting a COMPLETE SYSTEM that walks you through EACH STEP so your Buy-Rent-Hold deals are DONE RIGHT!
  • Receive at the LIVE training the Professional Quality Manual – a GREAT Reference & Written Guide – Which contains Even More Details, Examples, Samples, & Best Practices!
  • 2 Full days with THE Leading Expert on Buy, Rent & Hold Deals in Canada! Ask all your questions and get REAL answers!
  • Lifetime Access to the Step-by-Step Online Video Series (Coming Soon!) A $1,297 Value! (Review at YOUR own pace! And as you need!)
Contact the Farmer Logic Office for info on the next LIVE Training!

ph: 1-877-819-5425    email:

100% Money Back Guarantee

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