Control Real Estate for as little as $100!

For most people, getting into home ownership or real estate investing can be an expensive venture. Many people think that in order to be a real estate investor you need to be rich to get started. For those just wanting to buy their first home they typically only know about saving a down payment then getting a mortgage when they qualify.

But what if there was another way?

What if you could get into a house with little to no down payment and buy it in the future when it is worth more than your purchase price?

What if you could get into real estate investing with little to no cash or credit and build a very successful portfolio of investment properties without every buying a single home?

Reasons You Need This Training:

  • You want home ownership but don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage
  • You want to invest in Real Estate but don’t have any cash or credit
  • You want to increase your investment portfolio but don’t have access to any cash or investors
  • You have property costing you money each month and it's breaking you financially

Benefits of the Rent To Own Done Right Course?

3 Ways You Get Paid

Benefit #1

Control Property with No Cash or Credit

You will learn how to control vast amounts of property without ever having to qualify for financing or transfer ownership

RTODR Paid #1

Up Front – Now!

When a person enters into your Rent To Own home you typically get a minimum 2-3% of the purchase price before they move in.  In more prosperous areas our students usually get a minimum $10,000 down.

RTODR Benefit #2

Get The Highest ROI

Learn how to get the highest Return On Investment (ROI) in Real Estate Investing.  Find out how to compare this exit strategy against other strategies and determine the best course of action for every opportunity.

RTODR Paid #2

Monthly Cash Flow

Unlike a traditional rental property where you may make $75 per door per month, when your Rent To Own is Done Right you can expect UP TO 10X’s that amount each and every month.

RTODR Benefit #3

Build a Real Estate Business from Nothing

Lean how you can literally start from nothing and with a little effort on your part, build a significant portfolio of Real Estate and income in a relatively short period of time.

Benefit #1

Cash at Close

When the Rent To Own comes to an end and the people you helped get into home ownership buy the property you can stand to make a substantial sum of money – usually in the $10,000 to $30,000 range!

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** Only $1,297! **

Plus $30.00 for Shipping & Handling, and applicable taxes (5% GST on entire amount & 7% PST on S&H)

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