Get More Profit - Have Less Headaches - With Less Effort !!

Negotiation Mastery is all about turning the people who stand between you and success or failure into enduring allies and partners who are excited about helping you achieve dramatic results…with all stakeholders winning!

Do you prefer taking charge and making things happen rather than following the crowd? Then you no doubt expect to achieve far beyond what most people would consider acceptable or good. You’re not interested in small or incremental results; instead, you want results and are willing to work exceptionally hard to accomplish them. The best negotiators are the highest paid people in the world!

The word, “negotiate” is defined as, “conferring with another person or persons to come to agreeable terms,” or, in other words, to “reach an agreement”. Effective negotiating certainly may come more easily to some than others; it is, however, a skill that anyone can learn and that everyone should learn.

Just a Few Things You'll Learn by Taking this Training...

  • Strategies to Successfully Negotiate ANY Situation
  • The Four MUST have Management Practices a Business needs to Succeed
  • Over 20 Different Closing Techniques to Turn Potential Clients into Profitable Ones!
  • How to Get Superior Results by Focusing on High Leverage Activities - Works in your Business and Personal Life!

Benefits of the Negotiation Is Good For Business Training...

Book & Bookmark (TMS #1)

Get the +50 Page Negotiation Reference Manual

You’ll receive the +50 page Negotiation Reference Manual that lays out all the little details and best practices so you can continue learning and studying after this 2 day Training! Think of this as your +50 page Reference Manual you can easily turn to when you run into a new situation!

Chart Increasing (TMS #6)

Increase Your Profits and Reduce Your Headaches

Knowing how to successfully negotiate so Everyone comes out a winner, means all parties are motivated to the agreement work and minimize issues. You'll make more money with less hassles, and build great long term business relationships!

Clipboard (TMS #2)

Get Superior Business Results

Learn why every successful business relies on how well the four primary and four secondary management strategies are executed.  To succeed a business MUST have all four primaries (strategy, execution, culture, and structure), and at least two of the secondaries (talent, innovation, leadership, and mergers and partnerships).

Prize Ribbon (TMS #5)

+20 Closing Techniques - Tools so Everyone Can Succeed!

We each have a different personality. A technique that work for one person may not be a good fit for another. A variety is needed so you can find (and master!) the methods that best fit YOU.

Gears Working Together (R&C #6)

Use Proven Systems to Build Your Business & Maximize Your Success!

Learn the ESSENTIAL practices that every business needs. A company that consistently follows this formula has better than a 90% chance of sustaining superior business performance. Ross will give you a list of behaviors that support excellence in each practice.

Bar Graph Going Up (TMS #6)

Compress Time Frames - Get Results FASTER!

Learn how to identify High Leverage Activities that move the results needle. Focus your time on these to maximize results in the shortest amount of time. Apply this to both your business and personal life to get Wild Success!

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** What You Get **
  • EVERYTHING you need to Get More Results TODAY!
  • Lifetime Support & Access to the most up to date Forms & Paperwork! (Yes, this means we keep these forms updated & current!)
  • 2 Tickets (You and a Guest) to attend the upcoming LIVE training! Meet the instructor and ask your personal questions!
  • No Risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Details Below!
  • You're getting a Lifetime Collection of Negotiation Strategies & Techniques - Be Prepared for ANY situation!
  • Receive at the LIVE training the Professional Quality Manual – a GREAT Reference & Written Guide – Which contains Even More Details, Examples, Samples, & Best Practices!
  • 2 Full days with THE Master Negotiator! Ask all your questions and get REAL answers!
  • Lifetime Access to the Step-by-Step Online Video Series (Coming Soon!) A $797 Value! (Review at YOUR own pace! And as you need!)
Contact the Farmer Logic Office for info on the next LIVE Training!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

When you invest in a training presented by Farmer Logic, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. If you are, for any reason, not entirely happy with your investment, we will cheerfully issue a full refund. We offer this complete refund of your purchase price until noon (12:00pm local time at the event) on the first day of the event. If the training does not meet your expectations, upon the return of all training materials to Farmer Logic by you, we will cancel your training access & registration and refund you 100% of your purchase price, or alternatively you may choose to accept another training offered by Farmer Logic (with a comparable price) or a credit for future goods and services. Travel, Shipping & Handling costs are not reimbursed. Purchaser’s guest (if any) will be bound by purchaser’s choice to cancel a training. Optionally tell us why you’re requesting a refund as we take customer feedback very seriously and use it to constantly improve our products and quality of service.