Dip your toe in the water...

...and see if Real Estate feels right for you before going any further.

The wonderful and sometimes vexing thing about Real Estate is that there are so many ways to make money.

It can be an overwhelming experience for people starting out - single-family houses, apartment buildings, mobile home parks, assisted living facilities and public storage units, wholesale deals, rent to own, and the ever popular buy-em, fix-em and sell-em strategy, have all taken investors from modest means to significant fortunes.

However, when confronted with such a wide array of choices, deciding which of these paths to pursue can be daunting, especially when you don’t know anything about the investment strategies OR you know just enough to be dangerous!

Before you can begin tracking down deals and making offers, you must first know specifically what you are looking for.

You must choose a particular asset class to specialize in.  In order to make this choice, you must have a way of evaluating the strategies that you will be exposed to and determining which strategy is right for you based on your personal strengths, what you like to do, what the area will offer you and your current capital and financial network.

What Will You Learn?!

Gears Working Together (R&C #6)

High Level Pattern of Success

Learn the individual steps to a repeatable pattern of success that will get you started in Real Estate.

CompassKnow Your Market and Pick a Strategy

How to analyze a market and determine the best strategy to focus on for the area.

Chalk & Board

Overview of the 4 Basic Real Estate Strategies

Real Estate investing can really be boiled down to only 4 strategies:  Wholesale, Buy-Fix-Sell, Buy-Rent-Hold and Control Without Ownership.  You'll learn the basics of each these.

Man Casual Checkmark

Picking Your Power Team

Real Estate is a TEAM sport. Learn the key traits to look for when picking the people on your power team.

Bars Increasing

Analyzing the Deal

You get to bring your real life deals so we can analyze them to create win-win scenarios - making your business cash flow from the very first day!

People Talking

Negotiating With the Realtor and the Owner

We'll show you strategies to successfully negotiate your deals - how to create Win-Win deals that everyone can walk away from happy... and it's NOT always about a better price!

Document & Pen

Making the Offer

Learn proven offer-making strategies, and get an understanding of the basic clauses used in Real Estate.


Financing the Deal

There are 3 kinds of financing:  Good, Bad, and Ugly!  To be successful, you MUST learn how to spot the difference! We will show you both the how and why.

Clipboard (TMS #2)

Tenant Management

Being aware of the systems and the paperwork you need in order to deal with tenants firmly and with respect will help you overcome any fear of dealing with tenants.

Pencil & Ruler

Handling Renovations and Contracting

Most people fix up a property by reaching for their toolbox... Learn how you can renovate a property without ever lifting a single tool, which is often a much better investment strategy!

Shield - Green

Risk Management Introduction

We cannot over-emphasize this: Risk Management is critical to your long term success. We will provide you with a basic understanding of the why's and how's of this often over-looked topic.

Checkmark - Green Casual

A Game Plan to “Hit the Ground Running”

We'll provide you with a step-by-step plan to follow. You'll know what actions to take and what to do - you'll know how to move forward and start your career in Real Estate Investing on the right foot.

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** What You Get **
  • EVERYTHING you need to analyze deals & Decide if Real Estate Investing is for you!
  • Lifetime Support & Access to the most up to date Forms & Paperwork! (Yes, this means we keep these forms updated & current!)
  • 1 Ticket to attend the upcoming LIVE training! Meet the instructor and ask your personal questions!
  • No Risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Details Below!
  • You're getting a COMPLETE Introduction - A well rounded view of the world of a Real Estate Investor which will help you decide if you want to continue!
  • Receive at the LIVE training the Professional Quality Manual – a GREAT Reference & Written Guide – Which contains Even More Details, Examples, Samples, & Best Practices!
  • 2 Full days with one of Canada's leading Real Estate Investing experts! +30 years Real World Experience! Ask all your questions and get REAL answers!
Contact the Farmer Logic Office for info on the next LIVE Training!

ph: 1-877-819-5425    email: info@FarmerLogic.com

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